How to upload address book on


1. Log into your account (LOG IN)
2. got to Web to SMS page
3. Click “Address book”

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4. In the menu click “Upload Address book”

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5. Choose the Excel file on your computer (Note! Only .xls files are supported. If
your file is .csv click Save as -> and choose .xls format)

2017-09-29 14;46;356. Then follow the instruction

  • Sheet name : Sheet in Excel file with your contact list
  • Group name : (you must make it in the file beforehand) : e.g. School, Work etc
  • Name : name for the number owner
  • Country code : Please check to make sure you added it correctly!
  • Mobile number : the rest of mobile number
    —-If the mobile number has a zero in front – delete it!
    1. E.g. 82-01028726748 -> WRONG
    2. 82-1028726748 -> CORRECT

7. The preview only shows top 3 records, the actual book will have them all

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Australia : a recent poll via SMS

Reportedly a few millions of people received an SMS from YesEquality inquiring on their opinion regarding same-sex marriages in Australia.

It said: “The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia.”


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This case is one of the latest examples of SMS usage to reach people without invading their homes and email boxes. Although some might say that randomly generating or obtaining phone numbers in other ways and sending unsolicited SMS is an invasion of privacy as well, but compared to door-to-door polls and votes where you have to spend more than 2 min just to attend or let a person steal some of your time – SMS is a less frustrating option.

Campaign director of The Equality Campaign, Tim Gartrell — one-time ALP national secretary — says 20,000 people signed up to volunteer as a result of the SMS effort.

The option of sending SMS with a link to the website is one way to collect public opinions on any matter. Another way to do that, would be by using 2-way SMS, which allows the user to send a message and receive a response from any mobile user. More on the subject : 2-way SMS.

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New promotional route for Hong Kong

Hong Kong new route open!

We are happy to announce, that SureM has recently opened a new line for Hong Kong specifically for our old and new partners.

Route character : promotional traffic

Perfect for :
 Sales and coupon offers
 Season promotions
 Black Friday reminders
 Hotel, car rent, Duty Free special offers
 And much more!!

To learn more about the features, pricing and offers for other countries, please contact our managers at

Sender ID

What is Sender ID?g14110

When you receive a message, what is the first thing you are looking at? The number it came from. It will happen unconsciously, as the text message and its meaning might differ depending on who you received ot.

About Sender ID

– Sender ID is the originated address of which the message comes from.- It is often the displayed sender on the mobile number.- Each country has its own sender ID restrictions

Sender ID can be

  • 1. Alpha sender – Ex. SureM
  • 2. Numeric sender – Ex. 8215884640
  • 3. Alphanumeric sender ID – Ex. SureM123

Here are some examples of Sender ID regulations per country :

    • 1. Korea
      • No alpha / alphanumeric sender ID allowed
      • Only numeric sender ID is allowed
      • Between 0 ~ 12 digits
    • 2. India
      • Need to pre-register alpha Sender ID
      • Fixed 6 digits
      • Ex. SUREMC
    • 3. China
      • Numeric only
      • Need to pre-register signature to be added at the bottom of the message

Ex ) Good day! Thank you using SureM Service. 【SureM】

Every country has different regulations regarding the Sender ID policy. To get a detailed consultation contact SureM.

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SureM FAQ : What is OPT-OUT? What does [Web발신] mean?

Be it something basic like SMS length or definition of the “OPT-OUT” – in messaging business there are always questions to ask. At SureM, we are constantly working on collecting and updating the data on everything, from technical terms and definitions to latest SMS regulations updates.


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Feel free to pop in to check our some of the questions you might be interested in and email us at to ask any that are not on FAQ.

3 ways SMS is making our lives better

First off, we do not take any credit for the material presented on the the 3 cases described in this post, each piece of information came from the link attached to each story.

In the modern day, when there seems to be less and less boundaries left for protecting ones privacy and growing amount of unsolicited information coming our way, there are still projects and initiatives created to make our lives easier and a little better by providing only the necessary data.

1. Pakistan – country’s Water Research Agency is sending forecast updates to farmers via SMS to improve irrigation system efficiency.

The text messages (or SMS) are sent by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), a government agency that carries out water research. Ashraf would be even more flabbergasted if he knew the scientists get this information from space.

Step by small step, the farmers of Pakistan may end up seeing cellphone technology as an essential part of a more productive future.

source :

2. Afghanistan – Pajhwok Afghan News in collaboration with a local mobile carrier recently launched a service, sending latest news on various events in the country to their subscribers. 

Pajhwok Afghan News, in collaboration with the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), on Sunday launched its Short Message Service (SMS) to inform subscribers swiftly of events in the country.

The system that formally started today enables AWCC customers to easily get SMS news as part of daily, weekly and monthly packages.

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3. UK – the new ChatHealth initiative, helping children and young adults to receive answers and advice on any health related issue they are concerned about.

Children and young people 11-19 across the county can now seek confidential advice and support on a range of health and wellbeing issues affecting them at the touch of a button.

It is all thanks to a new text messaging service called ChatHealth, which has been launched by Dorset HealthCare, and gives young people in school Year 7 and above the opportunity to send questions via SMS directly from their mobile phone to the ChatHealth School Nursing Team.

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2-way SMS

2-way SMS service – a combination of MT and MO services, allowing the CLIENT to transmit messages and receive replies from the End User.

The service is provided through a virtual number, issued by the provider. Depending on the destination country, virtual numbers can be presented by long codes, short codes or standard phone numbers.


  1. Short code : 114, 4565,.. (usually up to 5-6 digits)
  2. Long code : 0133-xxxx-xxx (Korea) (special virtual number, does not look like a real phone number; issued by designated entity in each country)
  3. Standard phone number : 7-914-xxx-xx-xx, 82-10-xxxx-xxxx (in some countries Mobile carriers provide numbers similar to standard mobile numbers)

2-way service is widely used for various purposes:

  • Advertisement opt-out (unsubscribing)
  • Customer care lines (*with TOLL-free numbers)
  • Polls and surveys
  • Marketing campaigns



SureM 2-way SMS service flow