Korea : mobile number verification (본인 인증)

When signing up for almost any mobile app / online store / banking service in South Korea, every user is required to go through mobile phone number verification process.

There are 2 types of verification : general verification and advanced verification.

  1. General Verification (일반 본인인증)

General verification consists of 1 level check – simply confirming that the phone number is used by the person, registering for the service. The information required is only mobile phone number.

By entering the code received via SMS, verification process is completed.


left image : enter phone number / right  image : enter code received by SMS

This type of verification is mostly used by online stores, music libraries etc.

2. Advanced verification (고급 본인인증)

The goal of advanced verification is to confirm that the legal owner of the phone number is indeed in possession of it and can use it for account registration. The information required for advanced verification :

  • Full name (as stated in contract with mobile carrier SKT, KT, LGU+)
  • Date of birth (y or yyyymmdd)
  • Choose Male / Female checkbox
  • Choose Korean / Foreigner checkbox
  • Choose carrier (SKT, KT, LGU+) -> enter mobile phone number
    • Enter code received via SMS


Advanced verification is commonly used by banks, public institutions, hospitals etc – any organizations, where the service involves higher level personal information required for its provision.

To know more about mobile number verification in Korea and get a quote please contact our managers at sureminternational@gmail.com


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