5 tips for professional email conversation

Dear All, 

The product you asked about is not available. If you have any questions contact Sales department to check on other items. 

Support Team

This type of email can leave anyone frustrated. Not much of helpful information, yet alone professional attitude. Here are some tips on how to not lose clients over one rash email :

Tip #1 Know who you are talking to

For those emails that are a conversation starter – “Dear All” is a last resort, in this digital age we are only a few clicks away on Google or LinkedIn to find out the name, gender and job position of the person we are talking to.

And for the those that continue an ongoing feed – just paying attention to the signature in the previous email can save us a lot of embarrassment.

How to : Dear Mr. Dean / Ms. Shelton / Dr. Cross ….

Tip #2 Remember your “thank you”s

We all know that being polite can take you a long way – including building a successful and lasting cooperation with your business partners.

  • Thank you for your email
  • Thank you for prompt response
  • Kind / warm / best regards
  • Have a wonderful weekend

A simple phrase like that can add a nice tone to any email!

Tip #3 Offer a option / solution

This tip applies to a case such as email sample above – in case when you must provide some sort of rejection to the other party. It is important to offer an alternative, another solution or option or at least refer them to someone who might be of help. That way you may appear less hostile with the response and actually help the other party even if the answer is not in your hands.

Tip #4 Keep to the heart of the matter

Keep it simple and related to the subject. Leave all unrelated discussion to personal correspondence or if a change of topic is required, it is always a good idea to start a separate email feed with a different subject. Otherwise you risk turning one email conversation into a 20+ email long feed with no hope to find anything in the content later on.


Tip #5 Follow up

The last tip is simply a common sense call. In majority of cases, we do not hear from the other party due to one of the following reasons :

  • Email never reached them (SMTP servers are not the most reliable in the world)
  • Email was spam/junk filtered
  • They get 100+ emails daily so simply did not see yours
  • The subject was not catchy enough to draw attention
  • The email address was wrong
  • etc

For any of the above, the easiest way to avoid confusion is to call and ask – have you received my email? Was the address correct? May I expect an answer by …. date?

And a bonus : A proper way to send the email at the top :

Dear Mr. Coles

Thank you for your inquiry regarding item # 0123456, IP camera model AA2563

We are sorry to inform you, that this item is currently out of stock, but is expected for delivery to our warehouse by October 25th. You may pre-order this item, in which case we apologies and hope for your understanding on delayed delivery date.

Alternatively, you may take a look at a similar item from the same AA line following this link : www.samplesite.com/camera/aa2546. This model has similar technical features and even longer battery usage time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries, 

Thank you and warm regards,
Tom H. 
Support Team
IP Camera Inc



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