Can I register with a virtual number?

What is mobile phone number verification?

Most mobile applications (and some web services) require the users to go through mobile number verification when creating an account. Usually, all user has to do is enter the code phrase / digits received via SMS to the mobile number. Companies use this procedure to confirm the following :

  • The number actually exists
  • The number belongs to the account owner
  • The number is unique in the system and does not have any other account connected with it

What is a virtual number?

Simply put, a virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. It is commonly used for VOIP (voice over IP) services or other type of forwarding calls and messages without the actual physical sim-card.

Can I register with a virtual number?

While some companies may allow registration using virtual numbers, in most cases these are filtered and not allowed for use. The main reasons are :

  • There is a chance that the number is only temporary, so the user may not be reached on this number may the need arise
  • Virtual numbers are often used by more than one person through various websites, which means that there is a high chance someone already used it for registration before
  • A virtual number can be obtained without providing any identification whatsoever, making it impossible to confirm the owner’s identity (for services like only payment systems, bitcoin exchanges etc. this condition is crucial).

If you want to know more about virtual numbers, what you may use them for and how to obtain one – please contact our managers at


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