Number Lookup Service

We provide entire number validation of each mobile phone subscriber.

You can reach right users over the right channels, save money and increase communication effectiveness.


What is Number Lookup Service?

is a servie wherein the client requests to search for information on a requested number in the central database that contains information of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the mobile Core Network. Look up service is determined by IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), which is a 15 digit (or shorter) unique number that is stored in the mobile SIM card. The IMSI holds the information of the mobile phone numbers.

What can you get from Number Lookup

  • Country / Telecom Operator
  • Number Type(Mobile / Landline)
  • Number Active Status
  • Number Ported Status
  • Number Roaming Status

Number Lookup Service Advantages


Identifies unused or inactive number in Companie’s database and recognise whether the numbe is ported or not, filtering our virtual numbers, landline numbers, or any numbers that are not able to receive SMS before SMS transmission. It helps you to reduce the costs on moile messaging and reach a fully-optimized user base.
Cost reduction

Client could reduce cost by checking the number’s status (activation, portability, and roaming etc).

Service Flow


  • 1. Client sends out number look-up request to SureM
  • 2. SureM receives the number request and forwards it to the service provider
  • 3. Service provider then receives the number request from SureM
  • 4. Service provider searches the number on the central database and receives the look-up result from central database
  • 5. Service provider sends the look-up result to SureM
  • 6. SureM simplifies the result to the client’s convenience and forwards it to the client

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