For all of you out there, looking for an easy and accurate way to send messages to your friends, family, co-workers, business partners or on any occasion at all – welcome to Online Message platform.

To sign up you simply need to fill a standard form :

2017-05-30 17;02;57

Once completed, you need to verify your email (by checking your email box and following instructions in the welcoming email) and then proceed to log in to

2017-05-30 17;06;10

Once you log in to, to send messages online please go to Web to SMS page (

2016-04-20 19;38;28

To send the message online, you need to enter all the required information :

  • Destination number – the recipient number, the one you wish to send message to
  • Sender ID – originating address, the number showing at the top of the message
  • Message – enter the message content you wish to send (all languages supported)

And the simply click SEND!

You may also save templates to send later, add contact list and use many other features on the website. Plus, for first-time users we offer 5 FREE SMS!!

You are welcome to try out the service and if you have any questions, feel free to contact our managers at


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