Sending SMS to China

    • Website         address :
      • The only domestic company, operating on Chinese messaging market via local subsidiary
      • 5 Chinese text messaging specialists on board
      • Short / concatenated messages, image content (barcode, QR-code), advertisement message, URL transmission supported
      • Up to 28,000 characters can be sent to China
      • The highest success rate among domestic companies even with strict local regulations on promotion, loan and other contents
      • Fixed Sender ID (other providers commonly can not provied fixed Sender ID)
      • When a customer sends a number or URL, which can be
        transformed into a barcode or QR code image.

        Maximum message length is 28,000 characters.

  • Providing variable message service
    • (1)Providing SMS, C-SMS (Long Message), MMS service
      • SMS service : 70 Characters (including header and footer)
        : Message only in English can be sent 140bytes in max
      • C-SMS service : 1,000 Characters in max
      • MMS service : 80Kbyte service
    • (2)Two – way
      • Sending message from system to mobile phone
        (MT : Mobile Termination)
      • Receiving message to the system
        (MO : Mobile Originated)
    • (3)Payable in CNY
      • Paying to the chinese bank account of SureM’s china branch
      • Possible to issue Huabiao
    • (4)Providing Landline
      • No additional charge if monthly traffic is more than 140,000
        (For example, the format of Landline is 10690148***)
    • (5)Higher success rate of advertising message
      • Higher success rate of advertising message as well as the messages of notice and verification
      • Supporting advertising message transmission with stream format (Supporting fixed sender ID)
      • [signature] has to be pre-registered. When you send promotional message, [回T退订] must be inserted.
  • Supporting higher quality service with Shanghai office and sending multi-language message
    • (1)All languages supported
      • You may send messages in English, Japanese, Chinese etc.
      • Full multilingual coverage (send messages in any language to any country of the world).
      • [Other company] [SureM]
      • [Other company] [SureM]
      • [Other company] [SureM]
    • (2)Prompt Response
      • As running the branch in Shanghai, it its possible to solve a problem or issue by direct response
    • (3)Individual 1:1 Customer Management service (with designated Account Manager)
      • Your personal Account Manager is always ready to assist on any possible enquiries and provide the information on successfully transmitted, non-transmitted messages, delivery rate and total indicators in a report, based real-time monitoring system and provide consultations based on the data.