Sender ID

According to Korean Telecommunications Law from November 2014, all Sender IDs must be preliminary registered with the operators. To know more about the registration process contact us at

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What is Sender ID?g14110

When you receive a message, what is the first thing you are looking at? The number it came from. It will happen unconsciously, as the text message and its meaning might differ depending on who you received ot.

About Sender ID

– Sender ID is the originated address of which the message comes from.- It is often the displayed sender on the mobile number.- Each country has its own sender ID restrictions

Sender ID can be

  • 1. Alpha sender – Ex. SureM
  • 2. Numeric sender – Ex. 8215884640
  • 3. Alphanumeric sender ID – Ex. SureM123

Here are some examples of Sender ID regulations per country :

  • 1. Korea
    • No alpha / alphanumeric sender ID allowed
    • Only numeric sender ID is allowed
    • Between 0 ~ 12 digits
  • 2. India
    • Need to pre-register alpha Sender ID
    • Fixed 6 digits
    • Ex. SUREMC
  • 3. China
    • Numeric only
    • Need to pre-register…

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