Qatar : Ration card holders urged to register for SMS service

The Peninsula

DOHA: The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has upgraded its SMS service system to track transactions made on subsidy cards and asked citizens to register with it to avail the service. The Ministry had launched notification service through SMS for ration card holders in June this year so the beneficiaries could track the transaction of subsidized materials directly.

Citizens who are unable to receive SMS notifications can send a text message with their full name, ID card number, subsidy card number and contact details to 50026060 or e-mail at of the ministry’s representatives will in get in touch with them shortly, said a release.

After conducting a poll to assess the opinion of citizens, the Ministry introduced the service by adding detailed data on each specific operation. This initiative aims to improve the services provided to the public and to protect consumer rights by ensuring that subsidized materials reach to only the deserving beneficiaries.

The notification service through SMS allows citizens to track all the transactions made on their cards. When carrying out any purchasing process using the subsidy card, the cardholder will receive an SMS containing details like full name of cardholder, subsidy card number, disbursed materials with quantity, dealer name and location and remaining balance owed for the time period. The Ministry has highlighted the importance of registering for the service with the mobile number of the cardholder and not another number to ensure that the cardholder is continually following up on the transactions that take place on the subsidy card.

The ministry urges citizens to contact the call center (16001) if they notice any suspicious transactions on their subsidy card. The ministry has stressed that subsidized materials and fodder cannot be waived to other people for any reason. The subsidy card and PIN must be maintained in a safe place and should not be used by anyone other than the cardholder.

The ministry urges all consumers to report violations to the Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud department through call centre: 16001, or email:, Twitter MEC_QATAR, Instagram MEC_QATAR, iPhone and Android devices MEC_QATAR.

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